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AVATRADE is scam, theft and fraud

I have proof that they do not comply with current legislation: *They do not do suitability tests, for this reason alone CAIXA BANK has been ordered to pay two million euros. *It is a broker Marker Markers, which means that when you lose AVATRADE wins so their agents call you to direct positions, by the way, DIRECT POSITIONS, another illegality, they trust you to win something and when they have managed to get you to put all your savings or even ask for a loan, they open a position of death..

AvaPartner goal is to leave your account dead

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When I ask AVATRADE to identify those who have robbed me, they told me that they can't because they belong to the staff of their partners. AVATRADE I am not silly, when in the official chat of AVATRADE I ask to be called. An AvaPartner immediately contact me. In my case, a certain Melody, who I strongly suspect is a member of the board of AVATRADE called SARI HEMMENDINGER, well, THIS THIEF and CRIMINAL, promised me a managed account in AVATRADE and then put my money in Trade99, a platform recognized by all National Securities Commissions of all countries as THEFT, SCAM AND FRAUD, AVATRADE DOES NOT WANT TO IDENTIFY HER so AVATRADE is an accomplice and as I suspect or a member of the board. The question is that a few days ago in the official chat of AVATRADE I ask Melody to call me because I HAVE WON THE LOTTERY (I have not won, but it was to see if they called me and I recorded them), then a gentleman who says his name is GEORGE calls me and says he is a Partner of AVATRADE, He was willing to invest what I had won in the lottery, when I asked him about Melody he told me that it was as if she had died, that he could not identify her but throughout the conversation he tells me that he has heard all the conversations, then he says that he is one of Melody's bosses. But the final Touch is when I present THIS RECORDING of George in the official Trade99 Chat, they tell me not to be so angry that SHE HAS LISTENED TO MY CONVERSATION WITH ONE OF HER MANAGER and that AvaTrade's Partner has already explained everything to me. SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE VERY CLEVER TO CONCLUDE THAT GEORGE IS A PARTNER OF AVATRADE AND ONE OF THE MANAGERS OF TRADE99, SO AVATRADE = TRADE99. If AVATRADE had nothing to do with Trade99, AvaTrade would have already reported these THIEVING partners to the police, but AvaTrade does not do so because THE ENTIRE MANAGEMENT OF AVATRADE IS INVOLVED. From now on, I will present all this evidence on the PLATAFORMA DE AFECTADOS POR AVATRADE website and in all the world's media, and that will be the end of these THIEVES CRIMINALS AND SCAMMERS.

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